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As one of international languages, English is used and spoken widely by many people all over the world.  It plays an important role due to its status as a globalization language. It obviously appears that the use and existence of English in almost all sectors/parts are not avoidable. Hence, it is very reasonable many people are interested in learning with various purposes and reasons.
The spread of English that is so fast, of course it will bring the influences toward non-English speaking countries and language users of English. Here will be discussed some impact of English on globalization era. Firstly, English is a mean of communication. It is true that people who are from a distinctive variety of backgrounds, languages and cultures use English as lingua franca to communicate and interact each other. For instance, use of English within various international events or programs such as annual seminar, international conference, business trade forum as well as world education Olympic.
Secondly, English also gives a positive contribution in the development of science and technology. In terms of science and education, every person recognizes that many research findings and experiments result including an articles, journals, bulletin, and literature are written and published in English. Pertaining to technology development, almost all electronic devices use English as a medium instruction in operating them. Thus, it is needed a good English comprehension so that we easily use it.
Thirdly, apart from two impact of English on globalization era that have been explained above, there is also an essential thing that we cannot neglect or deny that English becomes unultimate requirement for some things. For example, several companies, institutions, and government offices require the job seekers show English proficiency ability when they are applying a job. Another example is in the field of scholarship selection for every applicant who want to obtain financial aids/support for their sustainable studies such as ADS or Fulbright that is allocated and given annually. The other example is when we wish to pursue our studies abroad; the university which wants us to enclose the result of English proficiency like IELTS or TOEFL.
In conclude, in this globalization era that English is very important for people and require the people to learn English in order to make the people always ready to face the globalization challenges in the field of communication, science and technology and requirement.

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